Save and finish

Buttons for saving and finishing your analyses are in the right corner of the top bar:

Saving unfinished work

There is currently no auto-save feature in ella, so please make sure to use the SAVE button on a regular basis. The button will be purple when there are unsaved changes. Note that if you try to exit the interpretation or close the browser with unsaved changes, you will get a warning first, which will allow you to go back and save your work.

Finish an analysis or interpretation

When you are satisfied with the analysis of a variant or a sample, press the FINISH button (this also automatically saves your work). You are then shown the complete workflow with options to change workflow state (to cancel, click anywhere outside the pop-up), shown below for an ANALYSIS workflow:

The option selected by default is your current workflow state, and you may change to a different state (most common) or stay in the same state. The options are:

  • NOT READY (ANALYSES mode only): Analysis (sample) is not ready for interpretation

  • INTERPRETATION: Analysis (sample)/variant is ready for interpretation, and has not been looked at by anyone yet.

  • REVIEW: Interpretation of the analysis (sample)/variant has been performed and is ready for to be reviewed by another user. Choosing this puts the analysis or variant into the PENDING [..] list on the front page.

  • MEDICAL REVIEW (ANALYSES mode only; optional): Interpretation of the analysis (sample) has been finished by the lab but must be reviewed by a lab physician. Choosing this puts the analysis or variant into the PENDING MEDICAL REVIEW list on the front page.

  • FINALISE: If you have reviewed another user’s analysis and/or are confident that the analysis/interpretation does not need further review (medical or otherwise), you may instead FINALISE. Choosing this puts the sample or variant (depending on the workflow) into the FINISHED list on the front page.

Remember that you can also leave an Overview comment for the next user in the work log.

Last Updated: 11/9/2018, 1:11:56 PM