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This page features an integrated version of IGV:

With IGV, you can visualise all variants in an analysis, along with customisable tracks at three different levels:

  • Global (all users):

    • RefGene: Transcripts.
    • Genepanel: Regions covered by the current gene panel.
    • Classifications: All classifications present in the database.
    • Variants: All variants in the same sample (analysis) after filtering.
  • User group:

    • Tracks specific to your user group in ella. Typically includes data from external sources and references.
  • Analysis (none, some or all will be available):

    • BAM files: Raw alignments (HTS data only), split by family members if relevant
    • VCF: All variants called in the VCF file (HTS data only, within gene panel, no filtering)
    • CNV: Called CNVs (HTS data only)
Last Updated: 11/13/2018, 8:09:11 PM