# Demo

To have a quick look at ELLA and how it works, you can easily bring up a demo instance if you have Docker installed. The database is pre-loaded with analyses and variants and users with different roles and configurations. Details on the test data are available in the alleles/ella-testdata (opens new window) repo.


The demo instance lacks an annotation service and does not have data import functionality.

# Starting the demo instance

# use the latest tagged release
make build && make dev

Once the demo is started, navigate to http://localhost:5000 in your browser. You should see the login page.

# Users

There are several test users testuser1...testuser8, all with password demo. These are placed in different user groups, with access to different samples, UI setups and filter configurations:

Group Users Access to
1 testuser1testuser3 Small gene panels, VARIANTS and ANALYSES
2 testuser4testuser6 Large gene panels, ANALYSES only
3 testuser7testuser8 All gene panels, ANALYSES only

# Stop demo

To stop the demo instance, run:

make kill
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